Food and Retail booth introduction

■Food booth introduction

AMAMI-YA Baby Castella



Let’s enjoy many cute baby castellas with your favorite flavor!  (custard, red bean, matcha and so on)

Japanese Sweet Potato.  It arranged with heartwarming Hokkaido local recipe, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

This is your standard Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki with all the basics.  You will understand Hiroshima soul once you have it!!

GAJA Okonomiyaki

GAJA, who had had a restaurant in the South Bay for 15 years, is back to festival!  They will be serving real taste of okonomiyaki, fried squid, shrimp tempura, etc.  Hope to see you enjoying their food again.


Unlike ordinary Takoyaki, Gindaco serves extremely crispy exterior with creamy soft-and-creamy inside fill with larger chunks of octopus.

JFC International Inc.

Please enjoy their hugely popular snacks and drinks in Japan and the US such as Calpico, ramune soda, tea, potato chips, mochi ice cream, monaka ice cream wrapped in soft wafers and curry.

Matcha and Fruit Bar Koikoi from Japan

Mitsuwa Marketplace


You can enjoy here with rice malted fruity smoothie and authentic matcha drink with Japanese sweets.

Let’s take a break with tasty ice drinks.  It’s almost Halloween time!  They serve iced café au lait and iced milk tea with Halloween decoration cute enough to put on Instagram.  Trick or Treat!

Innovated broth-less ramen with the choice of protein and fresh veggies, then shakes vigorously prior to eat.  Serving food to entertainment production, schools, San Marino, Arcadia, Rosemead Unified school district.  Offering Shake Ramen and ramune drinks at Matsuri.

Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori

Susumu Yakisoba

Takoyaki Tanota

They will serve soft drink and yakitori skewers (sausage, negima, tsukune chicken balls) made with locally sourced, free-range chicken; carefully selected by hand each morning, and grilled over white oak charcoal for an exquisite aroma and taste.

This original delicious yakisoba stir fry noodles with fresh vegetables and pork with secret sauce is available only at Matsuri.  And also you can try their tasty Go! Go! Curry serves Kanazawa-style curry with a dark and thick curry sauce.

Osaka-style takoyaki (octopus balls) which is a ball-shaped Japanese snack, creamy inside, and crispy outside.  Let’s try authentic taste in LA.


Tsujita LA Shaved Ice from Japan

Taste award-winning karaage Japanese fried chicken!  The secret of its popularity is garlic and fesh frying oil.

Special version of their famous tonkotsu pork ramen improved to cater to event customers.  You cannot get this anywhere else so be sure to come to the event!

They serve cutie and yummy instagrammable Japanese shaved ice with strawberries, taro, mango, honey dew, matcha flavor in hottest Los Angeles.  You can forget about heat once you eat it with your favorite toppings.



Waffle Land

Please enjoy refreshing salad udon noodles and fresh vegetable tempuras from Tsurumaru Udon.  Their chef’s latest creation, salad udon will only be available at event pop-ups.  Don’t miss it out.

WADATSUMI offers a wide variety of items at Matsuri such as signature wagyu beef bowl ($12), choco banana, their popular custard pudding, boba tea (non-dairy / vegetarian), milk tea, taro milk tea, honeydew milk tea and lychee lemonade with fruit bits.

Doing some festival and farmer’s market.  Serving fresh coconut, watermelon juice, sugar cane juice, original waffle, mochi waffle, chocolate waffle, sesame and seaweed waffle at the event this time.  Enjoy traditional Hong Kong style snacks too!

Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc.

Yamaya Japanese Wagyu & Grill


Have you try their new healthy tofu donuts (cinnamon, sugar cane, matcha green tea flavor) and Curvee Puffs (corn puff snack with cheese flavor and sea salt & umami flavor) and besides that they have special sweets and drink such as mochi ice cream, chocolates and authentic Japanese tea by ITO EN.

Yamaya Japanese Wagyu & Grill offers very tender and juicy chashu bowl, chashu bun and special and famous mentaiko caviar with rice bowl satisfying both the stomach and the soul.

Their signature dish straight from Kagoshima, Japan.  Their ramen is topped with chashu, green onion, fried onion, bean sprouts and cabbage in a rich savory shoyu tonkotsu broth.

■ Alcohol Booth introduction


AMOS Automatic Mahjong Table Distributor



Asahi Beer (draft), Sapporo Beer (draft), and Hiro Sake will be served at the alcohol booth!  (Must be age 21 or over to enter the alcohol section.  Valid photo ID required.)

■ Retail Booth introduction

AMOS is the No.1 selling automatic mahjong table manufacturer in Japan.  Try their 2019 models.  You will also be able to set 64 to 144 tiles to fit Chinese mahjong.

They have many Japanese items of book, magazine, comic, figure, DVD, CD and more.  For books, you can order and get titles you don’t find in here from Japan.  Buy and play wheel spinner.

You can get free hand drawing on uchiwa fan.  Such as writing your name in roman characters or perhaps drawing portraits on it… etc.

Gulliver USA, Inc.

JAC (Japan action club)

Kimono & Green Tea

They provide free 10 mins quick car appraisal service for car seller.  And information service about the best new car deal and Gulliver’s used car inventory for the car buyer.

They will give experience of shuriken ninja weapon, kimono, and photo booth which you can enjoy with children.

They offer a variety of kimono items such as new yukata (summer kimono), vintage kimono and obi, Japanese items, and tea ceremony items.  Don’t miss Japanese kimono sale!  New ladies yukata $35-up.  Vintage fukuro obi and Nagoya obi $35-up!  Kimono accessories $8-up.  Kimono coat $45-up.  Rear opportunity!

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa will offer Fukubukuro grab bags which is filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount.  Matsuri Bukuros are $10 and $30, and Kid‘s Bukuros are $10.  Limited quantities only!

Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Subsidiary of Meiji Yasuda Life

Everyone has unique life insurance needs.  Whether you’re buying life insurance to pay off a home mortgage, provide a monthly income or pay for your children’s education, they’ll design a solution to fit your needs.

Shonan Beauty Clinic

At a medical and aesthetic clinic Shonan Beauty Clinic booth you can have an opportunity to win over $5,000 worth of prizes, free consultation meeting with their doctors, beauty items, samples and gifts will be offered and etc…

(NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc.)

WCCT Global


They are promoting TV JAPAN on local cable service.  Enjoy new dramas and other fresh fall programs on TV JAPAN.

WCCT is a full-service early phase contract research organization (CRO) for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.  At Matsuri event, company logo pen, first aid kit, letter opener, and tote bag will be provided.

For 35 years, U.S. Jaclean has been a pioneer in bringing healing techniques into your home.  For this time, they offer the latest massage chair such as The Legacy 3D and various massagers from compact to large.  You can try them at booth!

Traditional Japanese festival games will be available such as goldfish scooping, water balloon catching, and many fun games!

■ More Games

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